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Your body is internally connected, constantly communicating between systems and cells. This communication is critical to basic life functions, like moving, growing, and healing, all taking place on a subconscious level. Even though you may not be consciously aware of everything that’s going on inside your body, you can be sure that It’s working full-time, doing its best with available resources. What would happen if you could discover your body’s preference for nutrition, what vitamins, minerals or enzymes it needed in order to do a better job? Would you give it what it asked for? Could a proactive approach to wellness help you function at a higher level or even avoid some types of illnesses? As a society, we spend billions of dollars each year pursuing better health. We buy drugs, try to eat the right foods and take health supplements to help us achieve and maintain peak performance. But how much of this is guess work, how do you know if you’re making the best choices for you as an individual?

Using ZYTO biocommunication you can discover specific, individualized information that will help you and your healthcare professional design a personalized health and nutrition program. It provides insights that can make a significant difference. Providing your body with the specific nutrition and care it needs allows it to perform at its highest level. When you’re functioning on ‘all cylinders’ you feel better and have more energy. ZYTO wellness and decision support software can help you maximize your investment in health. It can assist you in getting the most out of life! If your body knows what it wants perhaps all you have to do is ask! We Utilize these scans to discover what YOUR body needs for balancing! WE utilize colors, vitamins, minerals, therapeutic oils, foods, CONSCIOUSNESS statements (based of Dr. Bruce Liptons Psych-K system) and other balancers to optimize YOUR health! Visit

1 review for Bioenergetic Scans

  1. Elizabeth

    These scans really help me. As Ellen uses them, it helps me see where the stress is, and what I can do to help balance it. Often, I am not even spending any additional money on supplements, oils or anything with her experience and help. She always gives me a copy and if I need to make changes, I know which one to do or get. Her passion for this work motivates and helps me, even when I am so down or anxious. Her compassion and knowledgeable service keeps me coming back when I need help. Thank you Ellen, Zyto and BodyTalk!

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