Bioenergetic Scans

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Using ZYTO bio communication you can discover specific, individualized information that will help you and your healthcare professional design a personalized health and nutrition program. It provides insights that can make a significant difference.

Email/Phone/Skype/In person sessions available. Scans can be emailed to you or done in person in our clinic

1 review for Bioenergetic Scans

  1. Elizabeth

    These scans really help me. As Ellen uses them, it helps me see where the stress is, and what I can do to help balance it. Often, I am not even spending any additional money on supplements, oils or anything with her experience and help. She always gives me a copy and if I need to make changes, I know which one to do or get. Her passion for this work motivates and helps me, even when I am so down or anxious. Her compassion and knowledgeable service keeps me coming back when I need help. Thank you Ellen, Zyto and BodyTalk!

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