BodyTalk for Animals

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The BodyTalk system enables us to balance the physical, emotional and environmental experiences of animals, both domestic and wild. All are vulnerable to stress. A BodyTalk for Animals session compliments the veterinarians’ treatment or stands alone as its own healing session. It accelerates healing, deals with stress, fear, separation anxiety that might have been caused by a visit to the vet or a stay at the kennel, or by being adopted into a family! Performance, production and behavior issues can be effectively addressed.

In a BodyTalk for Animals session, the owner or the entire family, including other pets in the household are involved. Many domestic animals take on the emotional and physical ailments that their family members endure. An animal in the wild can be affected by the stress that other animals in the herds, pack or flock experience.

Animals usually respond more quickly to BodyTalk sessions than humans. In the sessions, food allergies, intolerances, toxins, pre and post operation support, bacteria, viruses, parasites, musculo-skeletal problems, behavioral problems and more can be addressed.

A session can also have a favorable effect on the bond between the owner and his pet. It can enhance performance in the show ring too!

While doing a BodyTalk for Animals session there is typically no direct hands-on contact to ensure the safety of the animal and the practitioner.

BodyTalk practitioners can do a remote session if unable to come directly to you! This works on the discovery that every human and every animal has a unique frequency. A BodyTalker has had training how to tune into that unique frequency. The results of a remote session are as amazing as a session done in person!


  • Enhanced health, as a result of better communication between the internal systems that are now balanced
  • Less stress and anxiety, as emotional and environmental factors are addressed
  • Preparation for visits to kennel, show ring
  • Better Animal-Human relationships
  • Increased resilience after trauma or abuse
  • Performance preparation (shows, jumping, competition)