Your First Light captures and celebrates your healing experiences with us!

Madison's Guardian

“Madison had been having major problems with friends for several years. It was a weekly occurrence. After one session, it took a few days, but now after 2 months, not one problem! Thanks for your relationship enhancement work Ellen!”

Sheri Blaisdell

My first session with Ellen was really eye opening for me. I have been training really hard to get healthier and lose weight. Ellen did some work on my lungs and I could not believe the difference I felt the next time I worked out. I could really breathe! I did not know how much I was missing until I could take a really deep, full breath easily.  This work is amazing!"

Kristal Murphy

“Body talk with Ellen has helped me with the knee pain and other body aches that I had. After a couple of visits with Ellen the pains have gone away. Body talk has helped me spiritually and it also helps to keep me grounded and feeling more balanced. After a session I feel more relaxed and happy and my attitude is a lot better. I am greatful for the work and time that Ellen has put forth for my family”


I just had my first session with Ellen after two of my daughters have had amazing results from her sessions.  My daughter Brittany has had PMS for years and always broke out.  She also had very irregular periods.  She had been coming to Ellen for about four months now and after processing through some of her issues, she just had a miracle happen.  Her period was exactly 28 days and she didn’t experience any PMS or acne.  She is very happy. My other daughter just left today to go on a mission for 18 months.  She was so afraid a few months ago because all her life she has had a hard time focusing and remembing things. She was so calm today when I took her to the Missionary Training Center.  As she was getting ready to get out of the car this morning she said, she was so excited and that she felt so much emotion.  She had been totally calm and excited about it for the past two weeks and she said she said she thinks it was because of her sessions with Ellen.  Ellen worked on her fear and helped her with her focusing and her memory.  I am so thankful to have found Ellen.  I am now ready to work on myself. "


"I have lots of health issues recently with several different Drs which always results in more medications.  I was frusterated and not getting better. I heard of Body Talk through a friend.  I have cut most medications down or out and my health has improved drasticaly. Not only has she helped me but my family and friends as well.  It’s  amazing! I’ve presented with sinus infections, allergies and even migraines and we were able to control all of them, without the use of medications.  Thanks Ellen – as you know, I come in all the time!  Kristy, RN. . .P.S. I will call you instead of doing the antibiotic!  Keep Tapping! "

Robyn Openshaw

"I lost 5 pounds this week since I saw you on Monday.  Wow!!  I don’t know if I ever have lost weight so fast and I did not starve myself or even do a green smoothie or juice fast.  Crazy."


“I  am so thankful for Ellen. She has helped me with my weight, and emotions. Have taken my kids to see her also with wonderful results.  I recommend all my friends and family to go to her.  Give it a try. You will be amazed.”

Gleneen Genther

I have been coming to Ellen for body talk for about a year now and I have seen some real changes in me and my family.I have a son on a mission and am very comforted to know that through bodytalk, we can help our family who are away from us. Doing proxy work is wonderful through body talk. This proceedure has helped me to really know who I am in this life and our life before. It has helped me be relieved from a lot of the pain i have had too, whether it is physical or spiritual.All in all, I feel more balanced in every way. Energy work is awesome.


I just finished my first session with Ellen and it was great.  I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect but she made me feel comfortable and explained what she was going to do and how so I relaxed.  I was surprised that my children’s issues popped up first to be healed.  My son suffers from Anxiety and she immediately saw that, without me saying a word!  I am grateful she was able to see him and help him through me.  She also saw my daughters desire to have a closer relationship with her brother, again I never said a word.  Then she worked on my issues, which are weight and depression.  She saw that I was going to Weight Watchers and my body wanted me to continue.  Then she worked on my heart, which depression can center in and I left feeling like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders.  I was a little unsure about going but am so glad that I did.  I feel very optimistic about the upcoming month and that I can take on my challenges more effectively."


"I love coming to see Ellen.  She has an amazing understanding of the body and always knows what help my body needs.  She worked on my ankle which was giving me a lot of pain and swelling up alot.  It now is a lot better and I can walk for longer periods of time without pain.   Linda.  It now is a lot better and I can walk for longer periods of time without pain.  "


I was having anger and frustration problems, taking it out on everyone around me.  Indeed, it was a miserable day!  Ellen did a session and uncovered and healed the emotional loss of losing my newborn brother when I was 9 years old!  After I cried and acknowledge the loss, immediately on the table, as I was finishing, a deep peace settled over me!  My behaviour patterns totally changed and I was able to enjoy my family and my life again!  BodyTalk continues to amaze me!"


"After having Mono for the past 4 months – one session, my mono is GONE! I will keep coming back because I feel the difference."



“I have a breeding pair of Cocker Spaniels and labor started and a puppy was delivered which was dead and cold.  I had Ellen work on the puppy with her AnimalTalk and after 30 minutes, the puppy was alive.  We called her Frankenstein while we had her!  She had no problems and is an amazing dog!”

Alan Genther

Greetings to all who read this message, I have experienced many sessions with body talk for healing and have found relief from pain physically and a balance to the energy centers that bring vitality and happiness as we live each day. I highly recommend this non invasive method to bring healing in areas. Ellen has   shown great skill in this field of healing  with an intuitive knowledge of what is the priority with each visit.  I have always been strengthed through the applied methods of body talk.


I came to Ellen…just out of curiosity, since a friend invited me to go with her.  On my first visit my “priority” that came up was the loss of my second child.  He had passed just over 4 years previously.  I really can’t explain how she did it, but she balanced my ties with him.  For the first few days after my session, I cried a LOT more (than usual) tears of sadness and loss for my son, but within a week, I had a renewed feeling.  My husband noticed a difference & was so thrilled for me, and even commented “this is the Amber I married.” I have a new feeling of “lightness” about me, I’ve not cried once over the loss of my son…(yes, tears have welled up once or twice, when I look at a photo or hold his blanket), but I am different.  I feel like the person I was before losing him.  Since then, I’ve been to see Ellen for other things. My husband has been to see her & is thrilled with his own changes, healing & growth.  Now, many of my friends & family are reaping the benefits of Ellen & her work.   We love Ellen & Body Talk!  We will continue to travel over state lines to have our sessions.


"I was referred by a family member and have been coming to Ellen for several months.  My biggest complaints were joint pain, fatigue and endometriosis.  I have been treated for each of these complaints and I am amazed at the relief that I have experienced.  I no longer visit the Chiropractor and my monthly cycles are manageable, without a heavy pain medication.  I was happy to learn that Body Talk can also help with the dynamics of relationships.  I have received help in solving issues related to my family, with my children and spouse.  Thank you Ellen for helping me find and enjoy a better ME! " 

Connor's Guardian

"Connor had been sick for over 2 weeks! Doctors ran tests, couldn’t find problem. After one session, he had color in his face and was much better after a few hours!Thanks!"


Robyn Openshaw

"I lost 5 pounds this week since I saw you on Monday.  Wow!!  I don’t know if I ever have lost weight so fast and I did not starve myself or even do a green smoothie or juice fast.  Crazy."